Welcome to my homepage, to the intriguin world of design!

Jewellery is my passion. It is also a challenge for me: to turn an idea, a thought and a feeling into a three-dimensional form that captures the original idea and also a sculptural vision.

When looking at a piece of my jewellery, I can see in people’s expressions that I have managed to express my vision in my jewellery. The method of 3D printing enables me to produce different kinds of intriguin products of different kinds of materials, for example personalized jewellery, furnishing, car accesories and different kinds of soft products.

For a long time I have also studied and photographed different forms and shapes of nature. As e free photographer, my passion is to look for alternative objects.

What interests me in the shapes of nature is their visuality and esthetic, that I want to express also in my design.

I want to explore and study more of the three-dimensional shapes of nature and environment in general. I collect and capture the shapes of nature through my photographies, and I also utilize them in my future design.

Nature and sea are important elements in my design.

I want to capture the diversity of the nature as I see it, and also give others the possibility to experience the beauty of life as I see and experience it.

My goal is to take photography to a whole new level… Where nature’s architecture will be visualized into different kinds of products: patterns, wallpapers etc…

All this is combined in my business, Rainio Design. Rainio Design is therefore a dream, where creativity and productization will be combined into a well-rounded entirety.

The slogan of Rainio Design ”3D printing, you need it, we make it” sets out my idea: You have an idea and I have the knowledge to fullfill Your idea with 3D printing. It’s interesting how 3D printing technique and materials (ie. wood and metal) enable and create possibilities to fullfill ideas in a brand new way – and what’s the best thing in it – the technique challenges me and my creativity.

Best regards,